Every Honda relies on clean and regularly changed oil to allow its motor to run smoothly and efficiently on the roads in Carson. Without a proper oil change, your vehicle cannot operate at its maximum potential and will begin to show signs of deterioration the longer you drive with oil that's overdue for a change. At Carson Honda, we understand the importance of getting your oil changed and wish to provide our valued customers in Carson with professional oil change services, as well as reliable vehicle repair and maintenance when you need it.

Common Signs You Need An Oil Change

As you cruise down the roads in Carson, it's important to be aware of the potential signs that indicate you may need to get the oil changed in your Honda, including:

  • Increased engine noise
  • Persistent check engine light
  • Oil smell inside the cabin
  • Excess exhaust smoke
  • Low oil level
  • Ticking sound when trying to start the engine

If you are experiencing any one, or more, of these warning signs, be sure to check your oil level by locating the oil dip stick underneath the hood next to your engine and use it to see how much oil you have in your vehicle's system. If you have recently been driving a lot and have put an excessive amount of miles on your Honda in a short period, this could also be a potential indicator that you may need to get your oil changed soon.

Why Choose Carson Honda For Your Service Related Needs?

At Carson Honda, our technicians are professionally trained and certified to handle even the toughest of jobs. From oil changes and exterior body repair to brake calibration and diagnostic treatment, our team is dedicated to helping you get back on the roads as quickly and as safely as possible. Visit us at our service center today, located right off the 405 Freeway, and get a quote for your Honda from the automotive team who does it best in Carson.

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