At our Los Angeles County Honda dealer, we know how important it is to have a vehicle that can keep up with your diverse demands. With the new 2022 Honda HR-V, you’ll find a vehicle that is at home just about anywhere, and comes with a variety of cabin storage options to help you manage every trip with ease. Just visit Carson Honda to learn more today!

Flexible Cargo Storage

The 2022 Honda HR-V offers a few different ways to store your stuff as you travel, depending on your needs and the cargo you have to carry. If you’ve got a cabin full of passengers, the rear cargo area offers over 23 cubic feet of cargo space. That means enough room for everyone to have an average suitcase packed in back, so nobody has to worry about packing light.

If you can spare a seat or two, you can begin folding the split-rear seat back to extend the cargo area even further. With up to 58.8 cubic feet of room to work with when the rear seats are folded completely, you can even even the largest cargo back there with ease.

One final party piece is the fold-up seat bottom that allows for storage of large, flat items between the front and rear seats, Whether that’s a desk top, bicycle, or other similar items, you can keep them out of the main storage area so you’ve still got room for more cargo in the back.

Versatile Performance

With an efficient four-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, and a compact footprint, your Honda HR-V is ready for anything. From parking in tight city spaces to tackling an off-road trail to your camping spot, this new Honda Crossover is up for whatever you’re doing next.

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