You're driving and you look at your car's dash, and you notice an amber light go on. It's your service engine light, and right away, you think it's trouble. You envision hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs, and a car that won't run.
That is not necessarily the case, and in most cases, that doesn't occur at all. Sometimes, the sensor in your emissions system or fuel system detects a gas cap is loose. If that is the case, you can find out by pulling over, and re-screwing your gas cap on. The light won't go out right away, but it will after a few minutes. If the light stays on, it could be because of several small problems. It does not necessarily mean a ton of expensive repairs.
The best thing to do is to take your vehicle to your authorized factory technician, and let them do an inspection. You may find that the light didn't come to very much at all; just a warning that something needs attention. By all means, however, do not continue to drive any length of time with the 'check engine' light on. It could be disastrous.
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