Last month, Autotrader announced their winners in their 10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers: 2019 Edition. Not surprisingly, the Honda Fit was one, since it offers local drivers an affordable, dog-friendly hatchback.

Naturally, we think that all of our new Honda cars and SUVs have something special to offer LA-area drivers who want to bring their dogs along for the ride. However, Autotrader had a very specific set of criteria they used for determining their winners, with the following features emphasized:

  • Tinted windows. This helps reduce heat, UV rays, and glare when you're driving, but you still don't want to leave your four-legged best friend in a parked vehicle — even one with window tinting.
  • Rear air vents. These keep fresh, cool air moving around the rear of your vehicle. After all, if you need AC or heat, so does your dog.
  • A low, level cargo floor. A low ride height makes it easier for dogs, even small ones, to get in and out of your vehicle. Meanwhile, the level cargo floor helps them keep upright as you drive about town, and can even accommodate a dog bed to make longer trips more comfortable.
  • Cargo area tie-downs. Secure your dog's crate or harness with these, or use them to keep wire or mesh barriers in place.

Autotrader noted that the Honda Fit hatchback, while compact, offers owners a tall roof and generous cargo area. Add in the optional features that make the Honda Fit a nicely equipped option, and you can see why it's perfect for you and your pooch.

We invite you to stop by our Los Angeles area Honda dealership when you have some free time and explore the Honda Fit in person. We're here and happy to help you!

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