Ownership Is More than Just Your Payment

Vehicle ownership isn't just your payment. You'll need to increase your budget for extra costs with your new vehicle. Our veteran sales department is here to guide you through the process. We know the "total cost of ownership" is often overlooked. Our staff at Carson Honda know many customers just consider their monthly payment. They often disregard the other variables or costs associated with owning a new car.

Your budget should revolve around several factors. You'll need to figure out how much gas you purchase each month. You'll need to have an estimate on your insurance costs. The premiums change depending on your driving history, age, and credit. You'll also want to consider regular maintenance and state fees. You'll have to buy license plates or renewal stickers each year.

You want to make sure your "total cost of ownership" is considered as a whole. It's never good to bite off more than you can chew. We're here to help you make sure you stay within your budget. Our sales team has conversations with every new potential vehicle owner about "total cost of ownership." That's part of the pride we take in finding the best fit for every single customer.

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