Safely Transporting Food

The holidays are quickly approaching, and our team at Carson Honda would like to make sure that your vehicle gets prepared before you head out on your travels. There is a lot to think about this holiday season, and vehicle maintenance should get checked off of your list beforehand.

If you are headed to a party or gathering over the holiday season, you may find yourself bringing one or more dishes of food along with you. Whether you are bringing along a casserole or a pie, there are some ways you can safely and adequately transport your food from your home to your final destination.

-Make sure that whatever you are traveling with has a tight cover on it. Never leave something uncovered as something could fall on top of your dish or blow onto it.

-Use a big enough dish for your recipe so nothing is coming close to the top of the dish as you make your twists and turns.

-If possible, have somebody else monitor the dish if you are driving with your family or friends.

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