The Importance of Proper Tire Tread Width

Checking your tires on a regular schedule is crucial to keeping you safe on the road, especially in inclement weather. Being aware of tire tread widths on your car can save you a lot of trouble. The Carson Honda service team is eager to assist!

New tires come with a tread width of 10/32 of an inch. When the tires get down to about 4/32 of an inch, it is time to get new ones. A good way to measure your tires is with a quarter. Washington's head is 4/32 inches from the top of the coin. If you can see the top of his head when you stick the top of the coin between your treads, you need new tires.

Here at Carson Honda right here in Carson, CA, we have a team of service professionals who can look at your tires and know if you need new ones. Contact our auto service professionals today to have your tires checked or maybe even test drive a new car.

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